WTFrame- Heng Lee’s Majestic Metal Eyewear


Heng Lee refers to himself as a jeweler and a metalsmith, but I find his talents to far exceed any professional title.  A visionary from Taiwan, Heng Lee has been creating exaggerated pieces that are far too beautiful to be considered costume jewelry.  Although his eyewear designs may seem to be inspired by masks, they truly are much like jewelry for the face.  Drawing inspiration from a butterfly, this asymmetrical design is a true beauty.

Heng Lee 2

Heng Lee is enkindled by both Eastern and Western countries, and this ornamental eyewear specimen is sure to be a universal stunner.  The mosaic pattern and winged Cleopatra lined eyes create a cat eye effect while the intricate metal pattern leads to surprising horn-shaped ear hooks.  A piece such as this intermixes old and new in a most arousing way.

Heng Lee-1

This is the eyewear that catapults you to a new standard of impressive. These detailed butterfly glasses are sure produce lots of envious stares. It behoves you to consider Heng Lee eyewear for your next special event.