What Does Your Eyewear About You?


They say the eyes are the window to the soul.
Which makes your eyewear the very framework to you.
Your prescription eyeglasses can do more for you than simply improve your eyesight—they can make a statement about who you are. From acting as a fashion accessory, to providing affordable and quality eyewear for your family, to trying out a bold new look, your glasses can make a splash this summer.
Ordering prescription glasses from Global Eyeglasses is easy—simply provide us with your eyeglasses prescription (available at any local optometry office) and we will do the rest.
Your first step in choosing your new eyewear is to decide what your glasses should represent about you. Are you a mom looking to give your family the best while shopping smart? A young professional putting his best foot forward? Or how about a college student having some fun this summer?  With a wide range of glasses and sunglasses to suit any style, your new look awaits you. Whether you choose prescription eyeglasses or even prescription sunglasses, check out what your new and affordable eyewear can say about you:
Stylish. Many celebrities have been sporting the oversized round-frame eyeglasses look—prescription optional. This style is all about keeping up with the latest trend. Our “Freedom” style is perfect for trying out the trend without setting you back a celebrity price. With our affordable pricing, only you will know if your eyeglasses are part of your stylish new look or serving as functional prescription glasses. Your secret is safe with us. We pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest trends, so be sure to browse our selection today. With low prices, you can be confident that staying on top of the latest fashion will be well within your budget.
Sexy. That whole sexy librarian thing? Exists for a reason, my friends. Or how about that distinguished look that only glasses can give to a man? Try out a different side to sexy with a new pair of glasses or prescription eyeglasses. And don’t forget to let your hair down at the end of the day.
Sporty. With summer officially underway, it’s definitely time to update your look with some cool and sporty new frames. Try a bold and colorful frame, or enjoy some fun in the sun with new prescription sunglasses. Our prescription sunglasses start at just $19 and feature polarized and transition-lens options. Shop our summer sales for the best prices to update your look.
Caring. Are you a parent looking for the right pair of prescription glasses for your child? We know you want the best for your family while sticking close to your budget. Our affordable eyewear gives you the flexibility to choose from a wide selection of children’s frames and glasses at a price that can work for you. Show your family you care about them by providing a quality product for a great price.
Classic. Are you more of a fan of the timeless look? Show off your sense of classic aesthetics with a set of frames that will never fade out of style. Shop our selection of sleek and stylish options for a pair of glasses that represents elegant and enduring style—just like you.
Confident. Gone are the days of schoolyard taunts and childhood giggles for wearing glasses. Today’s eyeglass consumer exudes confidence by choosing the right glasses. More than a prescription, the right eyeglasses should match your personal style, giving you more confidence to simply be you.
Smart. No matter what pair of prescription sunglasses or eyeglass you choose from Global Eyeglasses, your style will reflect a smart choice—because we offer professional-quality glasses for considerably less than you will find at a doctor’s office. While some people may be in the market only for cheap eyeglasses, Global Eyeglasses offers you affordable and high-quality products.
Global Eyeglasses makes it simple to find your new look. No more waiting in line at the doctor’s office or trying on poorly-fitting sample frames. Global Eyeglasses offers an innovative “Virtual Mirror” feature—simply turn on your webcam or upload a picture of yourself to try out your new glasses in the comfort of your own home before you buy. Browse dozens of different looks without leaving your couch, or snap a picture of yourself and ask your friends’ advice before buying.
Still need more help? Chat live online with our knowledgeable and helpful staff and get your questions answered. You can also rest assured in the purchase of your new glasses with our 30-day money back guarantee. If you decide your new glasses just aren’t doing it for you, you can return them, no questions asked, for a full refund.
Let your eyes do the talking—with a new pair of stylish and affordable prescription glasses that speak to you.