Sunglasses Announce Expansion of Their ClipFlipz Clip-On Sunglasses Range Sale

I-Sunglasses declared today that they are supposed to expand their ClipFlipz array of clip-on sunglasses due to a increase in demand for cheap, quality alternatives for glasses wearers.
The year 2010 was a good year for i-Sunglasses concerning company growth and launch new products within popular ranges like John Lennon Sunglasses and Over-Glasses, today because of public demand the company have decided to increase their own brand of Clip-On Sunglasses, ClipFlipz.
ClipFlipz has been formed by i-Sunglasses due to a demand for high quality, affordable clip-on sunglasses at a marketplace chock full of cheap, poorly fabricated solutions often resulting in consumer complaints.
The i-Sunglasses selection of clip-on sunglasses is very unique, the merchandise has been manufactured with a low profile, squeeze into open clip mechanism which prevents lenses from being ruined and means the clip-ons are vitually unbreakable. ClipFlipz are flexible in that the wearer can opt to have the lens 2 places, flipped upward for normal vision or reversed down for increased sun protection.
Sun protection is an important factor in the way ClipFlipz are designed and fabricated, they offer 100% UVB and UVA protection which ensures that they are acceptable for any purpose such as fishing, driving, hiking, light industrial usage or even skiing.
I-Sunglasses possess three main categories of flip clips within their range, forcing, polarised and shatterproof. All 3 designs are unisex, compact and lightweight, however all offer different benefits for each class.

Rectangular Sunglasses

Polarised clip ons block glare on surfaces such as snow, water and ice whilst ensuring objects are observed in a sharpened, more defined manner and therefore are their normal colour. Polarised lenses allow your eyes to see colors in their true clarity and prevent squinting to minimise glare. This assortment of clip on sunglasses in especially popular with Fishermen on account of this protection from glare in the water which leads to clearer vision when needing to view the water in depth. Copper driving lenses deliver considerably sharper contrast, reduce street glare and help filter out blue light whilst ensuring there’s a pure equilibrium of daytime colors.
As a leading retailer of sunglasses in the united kingdom, i-Sunglasses take every care in making sure that their products are manufactured to a high quality and that the customer comes first, 1 thing is for certain with this latest statement, Rectangular Sunglasses need not be a bulky, economical alternative to purchasing prescription sunglasses. I-Sunglasses are providing a solution with quality, fashion and cost in mind.