Sporty Eyewear Made For Women By Puma

We are really liking not just the Puma Sneakers, but the eyewear. Vintage inspired, layered look, Puma Eyewear for Summer 2014 is a casual easy to wear sporty look for women.

Puma Style 15407 With its dramatic fusion of vintage styling and vibrant shading, this PUMA optical frame will be a talking point for trendy young men and women. High-quality acetate forms the light, comfortable profile. The bold interplay of color and patterns crowns this everyday city style.

PU 15407_BK1


PU 15407_PL


PU 15407_TT

Puma Style 15424 This hip new PUMA frame is an instant must-have accessory for active young women.  The brightly colored frame front contrasts with the equally bright and colorful temple to create a bold and eye-catching look.

Puma Womens Pink and White Shoe

Puma Womens Pink and White Shoe

PU 15424_BK


PU 15424_BL

PU 15424_TT

Puma Style 15425 Whether hitting the books or hitting the court, this retro frame is the style to wear. Its trendily layered coloring and rectangular lens shape screams youthful energy and vivaciousness.  The wear feels light and stays comfortable all day long.

PU 15425_BK


PU 15425_RE

PU 15425_TT

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