Google Glasses


Google’s latest leap into the augmented reality realm with its Project Glasses has made everyone talking about it. It has been listed in the top 5 gadgets of the week by ABC News ( However, it is yet to be confirmed if it is just a hoax or it actually is a leap into future.

Google in it’s first peek of “Project Glass”, revealed that these augmented reality glasses have the capability to display messages, chats, appointments, weather and maps right in your field of vision. They are designed to take mankind one step closer to science fiction with every bit of information in front of your eyes.Project Glasses are designed to keep all Google services on hand at all times.
Google Co-Founder wearing Project Glass
In a concept video released by Google, titled “Project Glass: One day…,” they demonstrated a man using Project Glass. Here using voice command, the man schedules meetings, takes pictures, checks weather, receives directions, places video call, etc. With these glasses, Google has tried to bring in the world of information in front of your eyes on the go.

However, with every technology there comes a negative aspect of the same. The trouble with these new glasses is that every data you command hovers in your field of view. We had trouble with people walking along texting, tweeting and updating their Facebook status. Now with everyone wearing these futuristic, Internet-connected glasses, every information will be spread in our field of view and will lead to risking bumping into accidents or heading for a fall.

This device could come up to be the next immersive device, as smartphones, in line!