Your Specially Designed Sunglasses-Clip-on Sunglasses

Clip-on sunglasses are not really sunglasses at all. They are an arrangement of a pair of lenses specially designed to fit on top of another pair of glasses or even sunglasses. When you attach clip-on sunglasses to any pair of glasses, you change them into something totally different and very special. Whether looking for clip-ons or full sunglasses choosing designer sunglasses will be a good choice to protect you.

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Clip-on sunglasses are comprised of two separate lenses attached by a spring mechanism. Each individual lens is designed with a rod and a tube pointed towards the nose in a way that allows the rod of one lens to enter the tube of the other lens. Both lenses are held together by a spring mechanism. This arrangement helps to increase or decrease the linear distance between the two lenses. They can be fitted over the nose to attach to an existing pair of sunglasses.
A new style of clip-ons has a mechanism to attach them to a hat. The wearer then has full use of the lens without suffering any discomfiture from the side rims. Magnetic clip-on sunglasses provide an advantage by attaching directly to the rim of the existing glasses. They are rarely slip off and are convenient to put on. Clip-ons are also available as a flip-clip, which enables you to flip the clip-on sunglasses up or down as needed. These are very handy for the sportsman or anyone in an area where the intensity of light fluctuates.
Clip-ons are more than just fashion statements as they can have some legitimate purposes. Clip-on lenses come in a variety of different forms: polarized, UV resistant, or prescriptive. With clip-ons, you can change any ordinary pair of glasses into polarized sunglasses with ease.werer
When considering the purchase of clip-ons remember that they need to be light weight as they are going to be attached on another pair of glasses further adding to the weight on your nose and face. They are often constructed from glass, polycarbonate, or CR-39. Glass clip-ons can have the advantage of being scratch-resistant but they usually are heavy. Polycarbonate may be a good choice for light weight clip-ons. But CR-39 provides the clearest and best visual quality. Tints and shapes of clip-ons can be matched to your existing pair of glasses as there are a wide variety to choose from.
When going outdoors, wearers of prescription glasses can instantly convert their lenses into something fashionable and functional by attaching a pair of clip-ons. The clip-ons are ideal for glare prevention and eye protection while maintaining high quality vision from the user’s prescription glasses.
Clip-ons are cheaper than other sunglasses because they lack a frame. However, the prices can vary widely based on brand, design and quality. It is always important to select quality clip-ons to preserve and protect your vision while outdoors.