We get a perfect body shape before the season of bathing suits and shorts settles in are very excited. We think it must be a fusion of fashion and function. They say sport is less about fashion and more about function. What you wear can affect the success of your workout. Self-confidence in sport matters.

As such, sport eyewear is the ultimate combination of fashion and function. Sport sunglasses are a comfortable fit and they add sporty touch to your girly style. Sport sunnies usually come in styles of rectangular, wrap and oval, which are perfect for most face shapes.

Here are 3 ways you can style sport sunglasses:


Putting a twist on your workout style!

Sporty sunnies are a perfect pair for any workout clothing. Whether you are a morning runner or a tennis practicer, these sunwear will put your style into a spin. It makes a perfect complement to your tops, leggies and swimsuits. In short, with sporty sunglasses looking stylish is easy since they readily pair with whatever you pull out of your sport bag.

Accessorizing sporty sunnies with sport footwear is also a good idea.  A solid sport shoe together with sporty eyeglasses always gives you a cool chic look.

These sunnies go well with any type of sporty footwear- from ultra-cushioned oversized soles to high intensity sneakers and flats with platform. To style your sport sunglasses, you can experiment with colors of sport shoes. It is best to opt for color contrasts. Sometimes unusual color combinations look super cool. Two-tone and multicolor boots also give you a fresh and naïve look along with oversized sporty sunnies.

Simply keep in mind that sport success demands that you look your best and feel your best. With sport glasses workout in comfort and style guaranteed!

Sporty chic styles all over the street

Sportswear currently has high street popularity like never before. You do not need sporty eyewear or boots only for workout.  Fashion-forward youngsters put the finishing touch to their spring-summer looks through these accessories. No wonder, sporty looks are all over the place these days.

So, try out your sporty sunglasses with a basic top and a boyfriend jeans. You’ll look equally cool if you experiment with your sunglasses and a pair of ripped baggy jeans and an over top. Cool!

Compromising sport for the sake of glamour provides some of your best looks. They make you look cool for any street walk. You just need to find a pair of sporty sunglasses that suits your overall street style.


Ponytail- a perfect complement to sporty sunwear

Ponytails are another perfect combination of fashion and function. There is no better hairdo for sport. While we often put hair up into a ponytail as a “bad hair day” hairdo, they’ll rock when accessorized with oversized sport eyewear. Sport sunglasses spice up your standard style and make you really gorgeous.

Experiment sport sunwear with high straight ponytail and you’ll find your ultimate go-to style!


To sum up, sport sunwear is all about confidence and free motion. It’s a key element in improving your sport results and taking your look to the next level.