The validity of wearing sunglasses in winter


Is it purely for style or is it borne of necessity? The answer is both. Although people often ask about the validity of wearing sunglasses in winter.The threat sun exposure poses to your eyes is not lessened during the winter months. In fact, especially for those who live in more frigid climates, the dangers are often worse when one takes into consideration the extreme glare reflected in the snow and ice.blog_img1
Your eye health is important year round. The best defense you have against damaging UV rays is a pair of sunglasses. Long term eye health is optimized through protective-wear, guarding your retinas and corneas from excessive glare, while increasing visual acuity. The deterrence provided by sunglasses is both practical and fashionable in every season.
In bright light it is impossible for the pupils to constrict enough to guard the retinasfrom damage. The eyestrain of constant squinting often leads to headaches, fatigue and decreased visibility over time. Many cases of cataracts and degenerative eye diseases in latter years can be prevented. At the very least, these age related issues can be held at bay by making sunglasses as much a wardrobe staple as the shoes you wear. For this reason, even children should be fitted with sunglasses for outdoor play and activities.
The glare of the sun isn’t the only culprit from which you need to shield your eyes during winter months. Often the windiest time of year, sunglasses defend your eyes from debris and dust picked up in the wind. This is especially helpful for those who occasionally wear contacts which are often a prime target for small particles that cause irritation and even abrasions.blog_img2
Sunglasses come in a wide variety of styles and are even available in prescription strength. Have fun with your choice of sunglasses. After all, you won’t likely wear them in the office. From demure style to quirky eyewear that brighten your day without damaging your eyesight – there’s a pair that’s right for you.


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