October Is National Eye Injury Prevention Month


The American Academy of Ophthalmology would like to remind you that October is national eye injury prevention month. There are 2.5 million eye injuries in the United States annually, half of which occur in the home.
Nearly one million of these injuries result in some degree of vision loss. Most injuries may easily be avoided simply by taking the time to put on a pair of ANSI approved eye protection eyewear.
photo: uptowneyecare.com
The Academy of Ophthalmology suggests that every household have at least one pair of ANSI approved safety eyewear. ANSI approved eyewear can be found at just about any hardware or home improvement store, they are identified by the “Z87” mark that shows they are ANSI approved. This type of protective eyewear is not approved for sports however, and should not be used in that context.
photo: prescriptionsafetyglassesguide.net
Statistics show most eye injuries in the home occur in the garage, the garden, or in the workshop.  Injuries there are usually caused by simple carelessness or the occasional accident beyond one’s control when using household chemicals and power tools. Someone may use the excuse that “it only takes a second” to pour  cleaner into a bucket, or that they “only need to drill a couple holes” or it’s “too much trouble” to put on protective eyewear; but keep in mind that it also only takes a second to injure your eye.
The consequences of an eye injury could be minor, sure, but they could also be devastating. Loss of eye sight is irreversible and permanent, are you really willing to take that risk? If not then be sure next time you get the weed trimmer or the drill out to also get out h safety glasses and protect your eyes, after all, you only have two.


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