How to be Brave with Fashion This Year


2016 offered a multitude of different fashions that were loved or loathed by many.

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian brought back the corset, and we saw a rise in popularity of denim-on-denim.

But as we progress into the early stages of 2017, we wonder: what fashion trends await us? With Spring just around the corner there is no doubt that floral, and pastel colours will find themselves into an array of British wardrobes.

For many, a new year determines a new you. By now, most of us have forgotten those new year’s resolutions and have gone back to those hard-to-drop bad habits. But this year, do not allow that to happen to your sense of style! Break the mould by setting new trends, and discovering a whole new style. It’s time to create your own wardrobe that befits all the crazy and wonderful parts of your personality.

Fashion is all about showcasing your personality through what you wear. However, even if you are more introverted, now is not the time to hide behind your clothes. Break free, stand strong, and embrace your inner and outer beauty.

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We can only anticipate what crazy, and wonderful styles will grace this year’s catwalks. Although clothing designs are decided by brands; what you chose to wear is in your hands.

Fashion is the freest form of self-expression enabling individuals to set their own creative boundaries.

Out with the Old, In with the New

There is no better time to start planning & organising your wardrobe than now. Ask yourself tough questions about your favourite fashion pieces. Have you hoarded a “classic” from the 90’s? Or are you still wearing sneakers from your college days? There is an on-going debate whether hoarding is a good or a bad thing in fashion. While you should keep your favourite time-withstanding pieces, make sure to toss any clothing items that haven’t been worn in over two years.

Fashion is a cycle with trends going in and out of style in the blink of an eye. It can be difficult to keep up when a trend today may be a faux par tomorrow. The industry is unpredictable. But classic, vintage pieces are jewels of a wardrobe. They represent character, and an untold story.

Switch it up this year by combining new trendy pieces with classics. One day, your vintage items will remind you of your fondest memories.

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Fashion is also multi-generational. Who remembers the days of fighting with your sister because you stole her favourite dress or she stole yours? Or, having to wear your older siblings ‘hand-me-downs’. This is how fashion can stay consistent throughout homes.


Recycling clothing enables trends to come back in, on a cycle. This kind of fashion, is one that represents family life and all things glorious that we accustom with home. One of my fondest childhood memories was getting to rummage through a bag of clothes passed down by my cousin. In hindsight, perhaps the pieces may have been a little old for me, but none the less exciting. Personally, I found more enjoyment in hand-me-downs, then the feelings of trailing around shops looking for the “perfect outfit.”

With a new season upon us, take some time to reflect on what fashion means to you. For some, it holds no prevalence in their life. They wear what they own and go. However, for others it can make up their whole lives. Make conscious fashion choices this spring to suit your personality. Be an individual, shine above the rest and stand proud in what you look like, and what you wear.

Fashion is weird, wonderful and beautiful in so many different ways. Allow your children, sisters, mothers, fathers, friends – whoever it may be – to discover their “fashion calling” in life. A great pleasure in life is individuality. Our individual personas and differences are ultimately what makes humanity so beautiful.

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